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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jun 6, 2005 4:25am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Grateful Dead- pointer to DNC discussion

Have you any unknown new bands that are playing garage punk?
Like say The Loons, The Brood, The Cynics... there probably hundreds with a great sound and snarl, and might even be nice people who use forks and knives....
now if we show are plates are for....

Yeah, I was the door man at the crazed Purple Onion, Sky Saxon and the Jaqpanese group seen in Kill Bill played there, the 54321s, fantastic scenegoin on all over the world now,
it's almost perverse to focus in on the Dead, but I hoped my little piece The Lost Grate DEead would put them at their nadir, leaving their phony friends like Paul Kantner in the lurch...
just so typical, Pigpen was a cool cat, but the others?
Real uh, I do like Creamk Puff War... that 1st LP.
And here you have manhy different things - as far as music, a limited asmount of other rare '60s or a huge giant amount of Dead shows, and almost all the posts discussing Dead products, mostly new ones, it's easy to see why I thought you all could get hip, it's not ONLY dead, and thankis for having early raw pre-Lombardo New Years Champagne era Dead, and Bear is right, many other bands came out of SF acid era, Mystrey Trend, Autosalvage, Flamin Groovies (now Magic Christian, very rockin' Psych with a vengeance, and real emotion too, human), but 50 Foot Hose, Blue Cheer and Other Half, Sons of Adam... I mean, don't get me started... so many, and costs a lot to collect if you haven't already beenj scoopin' for the last 20 years at least, so that stuff has a few yahoo groups and internet radio stations,l mkaybe I'LL start one when the images get easier to upload... like what KOKAINEKIP does, but takes up so much room and memory, but he's on to making it exciting now, whole videos with rare stereo trackls synched, and rare weird little commercials laced with ideas for cutting up and mashing Revolver with The Jam, that new recycling art music, when it works its good... psychotic good, but keep it goin kids,
the Revolution is here again, we're going round the cash cow system... they're dying, as everyuone is splitting to do they're own smaller audience but FREE trip,

this IS the new underground, way ahead of the clear channel and they don't know they will go under when, as all the Dicks Picks posts or so some say, but nothing people find they're favorite year or month and move on much faster and without someone else editing for you, what Dead is best, hey, that does change, from minute to minute even... how is a traditional record plant going to keep up with the lightning fast tastes now that we sample anytime, anywhere, finally... listeners are getting the smarts mto fill their heads with hundreds of bands, not just ten or even 40 force fed.

We garage dwellers hqave been doing that, for years checking thousands of unknown killer DIY bands... and taken it up again, and evolving from there... the top 1000 there are cvountless "new" oldies the oldies stations never play, and we do - nwe left them behind so long... the real stuff is everywhere...
and nowhere, baby... I mean, Diana!
Good luck, you live a charming life...
Going places,
Love Conquers all.

I'll lay off onposting for a while, time out the simmers, OK!

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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Jun 6, 2005 4:44am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Garage punk/DIY

Have you any unknown new bands that are playing garage punk?... unknown killer DIY bands...

Paging Aaron Parker for advice... InfiniteOhms to white courtesy phone, please! :)

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Poster: InfiniteOhms Date: Jun 6, 2005 5:23am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Garage punk/DIY

Most of what i'm taping these days I would consider to be DIY Punk, so you can allways search under my name (infiniteohms) for newer stuff.

Old-ish Punk Stuff

Loud Punk Stuff (AKA Hardcore-punk)
(sadly this stuff can be pretty hard to tape, so there isn't that much i feel is worth posting)

Folk Punk (stuff in the vien of plan-it-x records)